A Dream

A few nights ago, I woke up feeling extremely distraught. As I’m sure many people experience, I had a very emotional dream. I often find that it is the emotional aspects of dreams that I remember best; it leaves the deepest impressions. The actual content of the dream may even seem dull once recounted to someone. When we try to explain our dreams to others, I feel that what we really want to communicate are the sensations evoked from us throughout its duration. Most of the time it is nearly impossible to convey.

And the climax of this tiny blurb?
I can’t actually remember the dream.

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A semi-customary introduction

So this happens to be my first post ever on the WordPress platform.

Generally, I would just list a bunch of practical information about me, but I think I’ll break from normalcy.

I suppose my aim of this blog is to try to break free from monotony. Recently (within the last couple years) I feel like I have lost a lot of the creative “luster” I possessed in the past. Hopefully, this helps me try to keep things in my life a little more interesting. Working, eating, sleeping, lying around and scrolling through SNS sites is not exactly what I wanted to aspire towards.

I hope to use this blog as a vehicle to start making more of an effort to do something different.

Okay, now that I’ve made that clear to myself, I can admit that I am 80% silly most of the time. Be warned of my strange humor that alienates most people.

I guess that’s all for now!